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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Why the Cessna Conquest II ?

I was looking for a nice plane, with good perfromances and a minimum of computer screens. Searching a long time on the market of add-ons my choice was finaly made for the Cessna conquest II of Flight1.

The gauges of the Conquest are mainly of steam gauges type, which require a minimum of computer resources. A long time was spent on the Web to find informations and documentation on the above, but apparently nobody made this type of sim before ( at least in Europe that I know).

This was a challenge for me to start something from scratch. I found a flight school in California where pilot training is still done on this type of plane, between many other. With the help of Mr. Caleb Taylor of Proflight Inc. California, which provided me with posters and some dimensions I could start the construction of the sim on august 2007. Even if this plane is out of production, they're still over 350 flying around the world, mainly on US and Australia. They're a pleasure to fly and even an 30 years old conquest will sell for 1,500,000 $

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